Windows Embedded OS


Windows Embedded 8 Standard

Windows Embedded 8 Standard is a modular operating system that provides enterprises and device manufacturers the freedom to choose which capabilities will be part of their industry devices and intelligent system solutions. Based on Windows 8, Windows Embedded 8 Standard features technologies to create rich, multi-touch experiences that keep customers engaged and employees informed and productive, as well as lockdown tools to ensure it’s targeted, secure and consistent. It provides device makers with a flexible platform to create unique, best-in-class products that delight customers and stand out from the competition. The latest operating system innovations help shorten the device development cycle with specialized technologies designed for the industry devices. These devices are optimized for the intelligent systems that have the ability to transform data into lasting competitive advantage.


Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry extends Windows 8.1 to a range of edge devices across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and any other industries in which powerful line-of-business applica¬tions and the ability to perform a specialized function in a secure and reliable way are para-mount. In order to help OEMs and their customers maintain a competitive edge, Microsoft extends the power of Windows 8.1 to industry devices to help OEM Partners address today’s most challeng¬ing business needs. Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry is full Windows 8.1 plus embedded capa¬bilities that powers unique and modern industry devices and enables their users in innovative and powerful ways.


Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is Microsoft’s platform for small-footprint devices that need hard, real-time performance and silicon flexibility with ARM and x86. The operating system helps device manufacturers in the retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries to bring intelligent systems to market that stand out through attractive, intuitive user experiences, and seamless connections to cloud services. Windows Embedded Compact 2013-based industry devices are a critical part of intelligent system solutions, built on tools and technologies that you can trust every step of the way.


Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7 brings the technology and rich user experiences of Windows 7 to enterprise and media-centric devices. Its enhanced features and familiar tools help OEMs make the journey from concept to creation faster than ever. Windows Embedded Standard 7 provides OEMs with a powerful, highly secure, and flexible platform on which to build innovative products. Enhanced features and tools significantly reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.


Windows Embedded Standard 2009

The Next generation of Windows XP Embedded. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 delivers the power, familiarity, and reliability of the Windows operating system in componentized form, helping device makers to easily create smart, connected devices requiring rich applications, services, and end-user experiences.


Windows XP Embedded

Enabling advanced consumer devices to run thousands of existing Windows applications and drivers. Windows XP Embedded is the operating system and development platform delivering the power of Windows operating system in componentized form to rapidly build reliable and advanced embedded devices.


Windows Embedded POSReady 7

Windows Embedded POSReady 7 is not a toolkit, but an installable operating system optimized with features and components required for full-function POS devices in retail and hospitality organizations. Selecting this highly reliable, high-performance Windows Embedded platform, developers can reduce development cost and decrease time to market.


Windows Embedded POSReady 2009

POSReady 2009 is a flexible operating system designed to seamlessly connect point-of-service solutions with peripherals, servers, and services—helping OEMs and enterprises build the next generation of smart, connected, and increasingly service oriented POS solutions.


Windows Embedded CE

Componentized, real-time operating system for a wide range of small footprint devices. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is the next generation of Windows Embedded CE. Device manufacturers can use Microsoft’s familiar tools to build the next generation of embedded devices with attractive, intuitive user interfaces, real browsing using Internet Explorer with Flash 10.1, and connections to peripherals, Windows PCs, servers, and networks. Beside Windows Embedded Compact 7, Advantech also provides CE5.0 and CE6.0.