Motorola is a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advancing the way the world connects.

MOTOROLA Wireless Broadband Networks
Motorola has the world-class expertise to provide a complete wireless broadband ecosystem that meets the most aggressive reach, speed and coverage goals quickly and easily. Motorola portfolio of wireless network solutions for indoor and outdoor connectivity delivers information – data, video and voice – at high speeds in real time.
Motorola’s wireless connectivity solutions offer a broad range of flexible, cost-effective, mix-and-match options to fit virtually any need with one holistic and purpose-built wireless network solution.





Mesh Design and Management Tools
MeshManager – Mesh Network Element Management System


IAP4300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Duo


IAP7300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Quattro
MiSC – Mobile Internet Switching Controller
MWR7300 – Mesh Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Quattro
VMM7300 – Vehicle-Munted Modem for MOTOMESH Quattro
Wireless Device Enabler for MOTOMESH Quattro
WMC7300 – Wireless Modem Card for MOTOMESH Quattro




Network designs are trabsferred to Motorola’s management software, which includes innovative new map-based and unified network visualizations that sees every network node at its actual location and manage the entire wireless network from one screen – including the indoor and outdoor access, distribution and backhaul layers.
            RF Management Suite
            Wireless IPS
            LANPlanner Software
            PTP LINKPlanner
            Wireless Manager








wi4 WiMAX solutions offer high performance, standards-based broadband access that operates in licensed frequencies. It provides on-demand high-speed connectivity that follows the user everywhere: indoors, outdoors and on the move.
        wi4 WiMAX Access Poin
                 WAP 600
             WAP 800

           wi4 WiMAX Data Cards
                 PCMw 200 Wireless Card

           wi4 WiMAX Fixed Devices
                 CPEi 150
             CPEi 750
             CPEi 775
             CPEo 400
             CPEo 450

           WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN)
                 wi4 WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway










Motorola mesh networks offer broad – area high – speed fixed and mobile coverage, even in tough environments. Mesh solutions provide cost – effective citywide and enterprise – wide wireless broadband connectivity and access.


Mesh Camera
Mesh Camera – Mesh and WiFi Enabled Wireless Video System
Mesh Camera POD – Portable On Demand Wireless Video Kit


EWR6300 – Enhanced Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Solo IAP6300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Solo
MiSC – Mobile Internet Switching Controller
MWR6300 – Mesh Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Solo
PWR6300 – Portable Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Solo
VMM6300 – Vehicle Mounted Modem for MOTOMESH Solo
WMC6300 – Wireless Modem Card for MOTOMESH Solo
WSM6300 – Wireless Serial Modem for MOTOMESH Solo


Network Design Software
Enterprise Planner
LANPlanner Software
SiteScanner Software










Point-to-Multipoint solutions deliver proven, scalable and interference – resistant connectivity to multiple business, institutional, municipal or residential locations.
            Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform
            Canopy Advantage Platform
            Canopy 400 Series
            Canopy Lite
            Expedience Dual-Mode Access Point
            Expedience Base Station
            Expedience PC Card
















Wireless LAN solutions offer resiliency, security and performance equal to that of a wired LAN while delivering the mobility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of wireless.
Access Ports and Points
       AP-5131 Wireless Access Point
       AP-5181 Outdoor Access Point
       AP-7131 Wireless Access Point
       AP300 Wireless Access Point

Client Radio Devices

        LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card
       LA-5127 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card
       LA-5137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card
       CB3000 Client Bridge

Wireless Switches

         RFS7000 Wireless RF Switch
       WS2000 Wireless Switch
       WS5100 Wireless Switch
       RFS6000 Wireless RF Switch