Vae Controls



    VAE CON TROL S i s an engineering, designing and software company focused on:

        • t e c h nol o g y, load i n g , measuring, electrical and control systems for fuel terminals

        • telemetrical and SCADA systems for water networks, water treatment and sewage works

        • equipment for powerplants etc.. 




TAMAS® - Terminal Automation and Management System

TAMAS® is sophisticated system for automation and control of tankfarms and terminals and for administration of fuel handling. Highly reliable, scalable, flexible according to your needs.


Hydrocarbon Management System (HMS)

HMS is fully modular and scalable information system for control and enhancement of mass balance of crude and oil products. It is designated specifically for refineries and for distribution terminals to monitor volumes and quality of loaded, unloaded, processed and stored products.



    The Integrated Pipeline Measuring Stations (IPMS) are designed for measurement of crude, and oil products typically on wellheads, gas-oil separation, process control, blending, pipeline, storage and transportation inclusive custody transfer. Application to application, working range varies from hundreds of liters to thousands cubic meters per hour and working pressure from near-to-zero to hundreds bars.


Self-service kiosk ETR3

Electronic drivers terminal is dedicated for communication between tanktruck driver and system TAMAS. This terminal can work as entrance as well as exit terminal with handling all necessary functions.


Grounding tester EGT 4

Grounding tester EGT 4 is dedicated for verification of correct grounding of a tanktruck or a railcar. It is used during loading and unloading of chemical products in explosive hazardous areas. The equipment is highly resistant against so called fake-grounding. The state of grounding is indicated by coloured lights and by contactor for the control system.



Additive Dosing Unit EVA 5 / EVA 6 is a complex, high-precision facility used for the adding of small quantities of substances additives into the product being dispensed (petrol, oil, lubricants, paints, etc.).