By building on a rich set of devices, the system designer can choose between mobile and/or fixed readers, exciters and autonomously working reference nodes. The SensorSMART Platform devices have multiple backbone connection options such as LAN, WLAN, Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485), compact flash and GPRS for easy integration into existing infrastructure and offer a read range of up to 500 meters (1600 feet).



Handheld or fixed, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS´s readers collect high volumes of extremely accurate, real-time data. The wide variety of powerful, intelligent active readers are designed to ensure industry leading communication reliability along with ease of integration  into any work environment. Developed specifically for the challenges associated with harsh industrial environments IDENTEC SOLUTIONS´ infrastructure deliver full functionality when and where other networks cannot.


Location Devices

The Location Devices that form part of the SensorSMART Platform offer high value and functionality.  Their rapid localization speed and ability to isolate specific locations, discriminate between lanes and identify direction in real-time has resulted in IDENTEC SOLUTIONS´s Location Devices being utilized for varying functionalities. With over 300m (1000 ft.) of communication range, the SensorSMART Platform Location Devices enable automated identification, tracking and locating of assets and people without human intervention. Location Devices can operate self-powered or with a power supply.

Location devices are well suited for personnel safety, gate access, identification and track and locate deployments.


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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’s sensors make objects actively intelligent with communication capabilities that far surpass traditional active RFID, RTLS Tags and WSN nodes. Featuring both broadcast and bi-directional communication, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS sensors are designed to operate reliably in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike competing technologies, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS´s sensors are not impacted by metal, glass, extreme temperatures or weather. The rugged design of each sensor assures the highest possible durability, reliability and performance. 


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