ENcombi is built on more than 20 years of experience within the power generation industry. Namely in diesel generator, PV and PV hybrid control and protection systems across the globe.





   The ENcombi plug and play controller for decentralized PV plants with or without gensets. Pick any interface protocol from our list and connect - it is that easy!

   Connect with inverters, controllers and power meters via RS-485 or TCP/IP and have full control of your grid export / self-consumption and safely run your gensets while saving fuel in hybrid plants




   The ENcombi plug and play HMI operator control and monitoring interface. Connect with any of the ECpv variants out of the box. No need for customization or application design - all has been made ready for you!

   In the ECpanel you have access to set control values in your ECpv directly.

   You will be able to monitor your inverters, power meters and gensets in real-time values and via the builtin 24h trend curves for load, production, and consumption.



     If you do not have a cabinet in which to place your ECpv - or simply want the easiest option. We have designed the ECcube.

    Ready to use at site, you only have to mount a power cable and communication cables through the bottom plate.




  ECcloud is the ENcombi web app for live and historical data visualization and analysis of your PV and PV-Genset plants.

 With the ENcombi ECcloud you will always have an overview of your plants performance from your PC or mobile device.



The built-in web server of ECpv that serves as a plug and play configuration and live data monitoring tool for your ECpv.

No software installation or license required, just connect to your ECpv from any standard web browser.