Is the ENcombi plug and play controller for decentralized PV plants with or without gensets. Pick any interface protocol from our list and connect - it is that easy!

Connect with inverters, controllers and power meters via RS-485 or TCP/IP and have full control of your grid export / self-consumption and safely run your gensets while saving fuel in hybrid plants

Using the ECpanel, you have a plug and play HMI operator panel without doing any application programming.


ECpv Logger: Logs data from utility, gensets and PV inverters.

ECpv Solar: Only PV control. Inverter power unlimited

ECpv S: PV/Genset. Inverter power up to 100KW

ECpv M: PV/Genset. Inverter power up to 500KW

ECpv L: PV/Genset. Inverter power unlimited


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