Your data is always secure and your plants monitored. We provide you with all the tools for optimizing the performance of your solar power plant. We are committed to our highly qualified team of professionals whom we entrust to keep our products up to date with the latest advances in the industry. Our record speaks for itself. While   we specialize in monitoring photovoltaic solar power plants, our software can be adapted to other energy sources.



in plant control

GPM SCADA - is a local SCADA management solution used in-plant which allows control over individual devices, can execute full plant commands and provides real time 1-second data for all parameters. GreenPowerMonitor executes commands for device and plant controls with local GPM SCADA servers. In combination with the GPM Power Plant Controller, GreenPowerMonitor can meet any defined control requirements needed in a renewable energy plant.

GPM Power Plant Controller - is a control system that can manage real and reactive power from solar, wind and diesel-hybrid plants.

GPM Dynamics Simulations - The need of perform dynamic studies of generating power plants is increasing nowadays. Some of the last electric grid codes updates, require documents or plant models evidencing the compliance of the minimum technical requirements in order to keep the plant operating. The dynamic simulations executed by means of PSS/E allow implement studies about the plant behavior either in front of incidences occurrence in the external electric grid or in front of set points changes in the outgoing active power, reactive power or power factor and other perturbation


asset management

GPM Plus - is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants: plant supervision and operation, maintenance management, financial and asset management, automated reporting, forecasting and so much more.

GPM Horizon - Online Multi-Technology monitoring asset manager platform for mixed renewable portfolios that includes Solar, Storage and Wind capabilities at the moment.



GPM Portal

The GPM Portal is a real-time monitoring program that centralizes all of the plant production data and status information. It can be accessed at by going to the GPM Portal to review the current data remotely. All you need is a web browser and you can monitor your plants from anywhere in the world.


gpm self-Consumption

GreenPowerMonitor has developed a smart solution for self-consumption that guarantees controlled energy management for any residential and commercial installation. GPM Self-consumption is a smart regulation solution that provides dynamic control of the power delivered by one or several inverters, depending on the client’s consumption level.