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ULTraFilTration (UF)

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a low-pressure driven membrane separation process. It separates particulate matters from soluble components in the carrier fluid (such as water). Unlike microfiltration and reverse osmosis applications, UF technologies continue to evolve rapidly in many fronts. While it has fast been becoming widely acceptable in water industries, the wide spectrum of membrane materials and specifications available today, and the continual evolvement of which, have made optimisation of UF systems less than a straightforward affair.



RO technology can be used to remove up to 95-99% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS – More >), and most other contaminants, present in water of different sources. It is capable of purifying water of many sources, to qualities required by a wide spectrum of applications. With the high efficiency of most established membranes and the cost savings from availability of energy recover devices, RO technology has become a very widely adopted way worldwide to achieve high quality water needed for domestic consumption and a wide spectrum of industrial uses. It has also been used popularly for wastewater reclamation, and for industrial production processes such as concentration of fruit juice, maple syrup production etc.



The ion exchange (IX) technology generally removes hardness of any feed water by reducing the total dissolved solids (TDS). But by varying the process designs and using different types of resins, the technology can be used to remove specific types of undesired ionic contaminants for different applications:

    Softening (removal of hardness).
    Demineralisation (removal of all ions).
    Mixed bed polishing.
    De-alkalisation (removal of bicarbonate).
    Decationisation (removal of all cations).
    Nitrate removal.
    Selective removal of various contaminants.

As the chemical processes of these are rather complex, we mainly address the process designs or flows and do away with the details of chemical reactions that will place in our content.


More often than not, an industrial wastewater treatment project of the same or similar industry will require complete design-and-build efforts, or at least some extent of customised content of an existing design. Our Group and partners in the region are able to assess your project requirements and provide design-and-build design expertise and turnkey engineering/EPC services for your industrial wastewater treatment needs.